About our Company

“Ideas become products” – it was this main idea under which long-time partners ESCD GmbH and Reese+Thies GmbH founded Smart Power Electronics in 2008. The motivation for founding was the product idea of the feed-in converter Smart!wind.

With this innovative own product and corresponding services we ever since enhance the dynamically growing sector of small wind power plants.

Our customers include enterprises from all over the world as well as private persons, that want to take their wind energy systems to the next level by designing it in a more efficient way.

Pooled know-how

Thanks to the long-time experience of our affiliated companies we work reliable and flexible.

Honesty and transparency

We are characterized by the close and fair cooperation, which is the core principle of our everyday work.

Encouragement of wind energy

We are member of federal associations where we engage in stronger encouragement of wind energy.

SPE and environmental protection

At SPE we focus on the wind energy sector – it therefore is obvious that our environment is a great concern for us. By increasing the efficiency of wind power, we make a contribution to the energy revolution.

To protect humans and the environment, we produce our products clear of lead and other dangerous substances. We furthermore offer repairs to avoid unnecessary environmental pollution by electrical waste.

Our mission

The whole team at SPE backs our guiding principle, which takes the environment as well as our customers into account equally

Wind energy

Renewable energies are our core topic and our passion. We are especially passionate about wind energy; with the innovative technology of our Smart!wind we seek to support the further development of wind power. So that more and more people can use it efficiently – and thereby our environment is protected and preserved.


When producing our Smart!wind we particularly pay attention to a great quality – that pleases our customers, but in the same way also the environment. That is because the products last longer, parts need to be repaired only unfrequently and thus, global ressources are saved.

For us it is clear: Only if we are mindful of sustainability in all of our processes, we truly make a contribution to a cleaner and greener world.


Our customers

When it comes to our customers we place highest value on reliability and the flexibility to react to individual customer wishes. In this way we establish a strong, fair and stable relationship with every of our customers.

A strong customer orientation is the first priority for us, since we believe: If our customers are successful with our products, we will succeed as well.


“Smart!wind utilizes wind energy even more. And every built-in device increases the contribution we and our customers make for the energy revolution together. It’s not possible to do it alone.”

Marcel Tausendfreund - CEO of Smart Power Electronics